Feeding Friend FAQ & Additional Info

How does it inflate?

Remove pillow from green storage bag. Locate valve and open by twisting valve to the left to allow air to inflate pillow. Please note initial inflation will take longer. Pre-inflation is recommended by opening the valve to allow wedge to take full shape overnight. Pillow will inflate faster with regular use. Once wedge has taken full shape, close the valve by pushing down while twisting to the right.


How does it deflate?

Open the valve by twisting to the left. Start to roll up the pillow (from the thinnest point of wedge) while pushing the air out. This works best against a flat surface or against your leg. Once pillow has been rolled up towards the valve, close the valve by twisting to the right. Pillow can also be folded as opposed to rolled. Once valve is closed, place deflated pillow into green storage bag.


How to clean?

Remove cover to hand wash only in warm water. Do not bleach and do not tumble dry. Please hang cover up to drip dry. Wipe down interior. Ensure interior surface is dry before redressing with fabric cover


Additional Info:

Once pillow is inflated and valve is closed, your pillow is ready to be used. We recommend you commence feeding your baby first. Once your baby is in position and drinking comfortably, use your free hand to place the pillow under your loading arm, hand or wrist to take the pressure off. Feeding Friend is designed to reduce Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by providing a surface for your arms and hands to rest on while you cradle your baby. Feeding Friend is not designed to replace your arms. Your baby must always be held while using Feeding Friend.

Pillow can be used in several positions to suit your body and growing baby. First step is to securely position your baby to feed or to simply cuddle. Once your baby is safely being held, use your free hand to position pillow in any direction under the loading arm. The wedge shape offers various levels of support so it can be facing towards or away from your body or even across your lap.